Our Parenting PhilosophyOur philosophy of Thoughtful effort, Loving firmness and Compassionate patience (TLC) is based in an understanding of the psychosocial development of tweens and teens. It is grounded in a thorough understanding of the social, emotional and physical development that characterizes children between the ages of 9-18 years old.

The TLC framework empowers parents to raise their tweens and teens in a way that celebrates their strengths and gives direction for bolstering them in those areas where they still need to grow.

By thoughtful effort, we mean that you do not merely focus on the immediate circumstances and the emotions they elicit, but you also understand the context of the events in your child’s life. While, tweens and teens are experts at pushing parents’ buttons, taking a step back and giving thought to how they are currently experiencing life can help you respond more effectively.

We use the term loving firmness to mean that you consistently maintain limits while empathizing with your child’s developmental need to push the boundaries. You understand that tweens and teens need structure and depend on parents to set firm guidelines. Firm does not mean harsh. It means staying the course, staying supportive and keeping focused on your long-range goal of raising a competent young adult.

Parenting with compassionate patience means you understand that heightened reactions of tweens and teens are expected as they make their way towards independence. You focus on providing a secure home base. This means staying emotionally calm and available for them so that they have a safe port in the stormy seas of life.

The TLC philosophy can be a helpful lens through which to view your behavior as a parent and a guide for the tough decisions that come with parenting.

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