Car Thought

This page is in progress! Please check back soon for the completed edition!

As busy parents ourselves, we understand it is often difficult to find time to sit back and reflect on the needs of our kids and the parenting journey. And yet, we typically spend countless hours driving kids to and from their activities, waiting with them at medical appointments or standing by during their practices and lessons. Why not put that time to good use?

To help you do this we end each of our posts with a “Car Thought”. This is a question or idea that you can reflect on as you shuttle your kids about or in any spare moment that becomes available. Any pondering you do on the Car Thought will help make the information in the post more relevant to life with your tween.

Here you will find a directory of our Car Thoughts according to category.


Parent Self-care

Relationship with Your Tween

Tween Development

Tween Parenting