Author photoBoth Susan and Renee are Licensed Clinical Social Workers with a private practice near Austin, Texas.

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Susan Galvin, LCSW (right): I am not sure what has been more helpful in understanding the emotional life of adolescents: my over 23 years of working with families as a clinical social worker or raising two daughters and a son.  Through both my work and my family, I saw that unique challenges are presented as kids move from tweens to teens. Each of my children taught me valuable lessons about parenting, not always easy, but valuable. I also experienced that the patterns of interaction that developed between tweens and parents laid the foundation for teen and adult relationships.  Seeing how my friends, my clients and I struggled with the unique parenting dilemmas of the tween and teen years, made me realize that a blog that provided a sounding board, practical solutions and professional insights could be incredibly helpful. I know I sure could have used it! So, welcome to a place where you can feel supported, gain useful skills and find out that you are definitely not alone!

Renee Bradford Garcia, LCSW (left): I rejoice almost daily that I survived my tween and teen years and will never need to relive that time in my life again! While I was from a loving and caring family, growing up brought its share of hurdles, pimples and meltdowns. My dedication to working with tweens and teens stems from my memories of the confusion, awkwardness, self-doubt and overwhelm that I myself experienced during those years. My efforts to help parents get through these years is a way I can repay the debt of what I put my own mother through (who survived to tell the tale!). Now, as a parent myself, I am “paying for my raising”, as they say. As a clinical social worker for over 20 years, I have worked with countless tweens, teens and their families. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to apply my professional knowledge to the benefit of my family and clients and vice versa. I’m delighted to share this ride with others, like yourself, so that it can be can be a little easier (and more fun!) for us all.