Welcome to Blink of Your Eye!

Parenting tweens and teens is like being on a turbulent roller coaster ride. The ride is over in the blink of your eye and you marvel at how you felt like throwing up and laughing all at the same time.

The thrilling and tumultuous experience of parenting tweens and teens is one of the most complex stages of parenting. We know. We’ve seen it as professionals (with over 40 years of combined experience) and lived it as parents ourselves.

Our blog, “car thoughts”, resources and books will help parents feel supported and inspired to confront the changes that come with adolescence beginning in the tender pre-teen (“tween”) stages.

Kids grow up in the blink of your eye and the tween ages of 9-13 are a pivotal time for parental influence.

Blink of Your Eye will show you how to maximize your influence on your tween and lay the foundation for a smoother adolescence.

And if your child is already a full-fledged teenager, we’ll show you how to parent in the midst of growing independence so your teen will be ready to enter the adult world.

Parents play the precarious and critical role of fostering independence in teens while also providing a safety net.

Blink of Your Eye aims to help parents establish a realistic and manageable balance as they raise their tween and teen children by providing useful information and celebrating the humor of this wonderfully tumultuous stage.

We recognize and appreciate the diversity of values, cultures, family structures, and personality quirks that comprise modern families and strive to provide guidance that can give parents a solid starting place for finding the right solutions for their family.

Whether you are joining us at the beginning of the tween years or as your teen prepares for the adult world, count Blink of Your Eye as an ally.

Hop on the ride with us and let us help you safely and sanely navigate your child’s adolescence!

Parenting in the Shadow of Charlottesville
Tweens and teens are developmentally primed to examine and critique their world with newly independent eyes. As they develop critical thinking skills and explore who they are apart from their parents, they begin to form their own opinions. Parents can no longer shelter tweens and teens from outside ... Read more
How to Help Your Sleep-Deprived Teen
As we explained in our last post, teen sleep deprivation can cause or exacerbate serious mental health issues. (That’s to say nothing of the impact it has on academic functioning, body weight, substance use and driving ability). Helping your tween or teen develop healthy sleep hygiene practices c... Read more
Feisty or Fatigued? Could Your Teen’s Sleep Explain His Behavior?
Does this sound familiar? “She gets angry or starts crying at the drop of a hat. Everything is a BIG deal!” “It doesn’t matter what I do or don’t do, he’ll start yelling at me. Then two days later, he’s hugging on me and being really sweet.” "He's so lazy! He can't motivate ... Read more
How to Talk to your Kids About Porn
In our last post, we talked about the easy access that tweens and teens have to pornography through the internet. If that topic wasn’t disturbing enough, we are now going to discuss how to talk to your kids about pornography. - Okay, I just heard a bunch of you stick your heads in the sand bec... Read more
Teen Girls and Social Media: A Story of Social and Sexual Pressure
Take a listen to this interview with Nancy Jo Sales.  She is the author of "American Girls". She spent 2 1/2 years researching the book and spoke to more than 200 teenage girls around the country about their social media and Internet usage. She has interesting insights into the pressure, both... Read more
Your Kid and Pornography: One Click Away
Playboy's Flagship magazine will no longer publish images of fully nude women as of March 2016.  Part of the reason according to CEO Scott Flanders is that “You’re now one click away from every sex act imaginable for free.”  Mr. Flanders’ statement is a scary one.  How many of our twe... Read more
Eating Disorder Awareness Week: Know the Symptoms
It's Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Did you know... 81% of 10 year olds are afraid of being fat. Yes, you read that right - 10 YEAR OLDS! Over half of teenage girls and nearly one-third of teenage boys use unhealthy weight control behaviors. In other words, it is HIGHLY LIKELY that a teenage... Read more
Explaining the Changes of the Tween Years
There are a lot of transformations that occur during the tween and teen years.  Many of the emotional changes begin as early as eight or nine, long before the physical signs of adolescence. Tweens can become confused and overwhelmed during these beginning stages.  They often have difficulty coping... Read more
Taming the Entitled Teen & Tween
Do you ever feel that no matter how much you buy or do for your tween or teen that it is never enough? Do you ever feel taken for granted and unappreciated by your kid? Do you ever worry that your tween or teen feels entitled to things that she hasn’t earned? Most parents can answer yes to thi... Read more
Psychology of Punishment
Figuring out to approach discipline can be a challenge in the tween and teen years.  Take a listen to this very interesting talk on the psychology of punishment.  Listen all the way to the end of the talk (it is short, about 5 minutes), they say some interesting things about how it applies to chil... Read more

  • Heather B.

    As we approach the middle school/tween/preteen years, we are spending some time trying to equip ourselves for our sake and our son’s for this transition. We’ve been reading a great new book that we are really excited about, so I just have to share. It’s
    called “MiddleSchool: The Inside Story- What Kids Tell Us, But Don’t Tell You,” by Cynthia Tobias and Sue Acuna. It has interviews and feedback from middle schoolers, parents and teachers (and a little humor) to help us deal with tackling social media, technology, Internet, gaming, faith, purity, puberty, communication, independence, discipline and accountability, and deepening and strengthening positive, loving relationship. It’s so rich in valuable help as we face these transitional years with our kids. I think everyone with a middle schooler or who will
    have a middle schooler will benefit from it. I highly recommend it!